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Ninzomatic Software
We put the matic in Ninzomatic
Ninzomatic bit factory
I've created a program to make short work of those pesky Bearcodes.

And now I'm building an open source software product to teach myself the ins and outs of the mysterious and wonderful world of linux open source software development.
Automated NBCS Bearcodes
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Bears will be bears! But how to tell them apart? I programmed my web site to translate all those Bearcodes I find in the personal ads. Not as good as a Bearcode Decoder Ring, but it'll do in a pinch. Now you can use it too!

zuble open source project

zuble is an open source software project to build an application framework based on GNOME, XML, and Javascript. zuble is written in C++ and Javascript. It uses the Google v8 engine, the same code that powers the Chrome browser.

The project is in it's infancy. Currently it consists of me (Bob Dinitto, your humble webmaster) and a working prototype I'm developing as a proof of concept and to serve as the basis for a production level version of zuble if that effort should materialize.

I intend to release the code under the MIT open source software license. It is as yet unreleased because it doesn't support a sufficient level of functionality to build a viable application. And what good is an application framework that can't build an application?

The big missing pieces are Javascript multi-context support (for loading multiple XML documents in the same process space - almost done!), Javascript/view integration (to link Javascript environment to the GNOME UI - works a little bit..), module loading (for extensibility - not started) and IPC support (for spawning and controlling slave processes - not started).

But I'm working diligently and I hope that by spring 2012 I'll be able to publish the code for a working prototype of the base system. From the list above you see that I shall have to work hard because this isn't my day job.

I'll also be building a web page for zuble in the near future where I'll begin documenting the system and giving status reports. In preparation I have just purchased the Internet domain name zuble.org, temporarily parked here at ninzo.com, to serve as a future nexus for the project participants.

So wish me luck and stay tuned for further developments.

Bob Dinitto
Jan 15, 2012

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