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Culinary Arts
Good food, good friends, good cheer!
Bob at the Blue Moose Restaurant
I do like to cook...
Macaroni and Cheese
Nana's Fried Chicken
Maria's Savory Meat Sauce
Maria's Zesty Meatballs
Escarole and Garlic Sausages
Beef Carbonnade
Lasagna with Roasted Chicken and Porcini Mushrooms
Cooking is a favorite pastime. I love food - all kinds of food. And I like to entertain. These days my best opportunity is when we meet for summer camp. You'll often find me under the tall pines by the river, stiring a pot of stew or tending the grill. Steaming clams and lobsters. Making a fresh pot of coffee.

And pasta! Oh boy, do I love pasta! And garlic. And the onion and tomato! With a fresh green salad. I'm getting hungry just typing this.

Fresh boiled New England lobsters! Yum!
An afternoon or evening in the kitchen is a great form of relaxation. Even though there might be a lot of work, or sometimes an intricate procedure to perform, I get a lot of satisfaction knowing the efforts result in somthing truly worth while. A culinary masterpiece satisfies my lust for the nourishing fruits of the earth and provides ample stimulus for communal gatherings. And it has almost nothing to do with computers, which makes it a highly desirable diversion from that near constant obsession.

Here I've tried to collect a few recipes for things that have been handed down to me or improvised along the way. I've been greatly influenced by my grandmother Maria. She came from Gaeta, Italy and although she died when I was a very young man her wonderful food lives on through her descendants. I still remember those long days of feasting with the whole family at my grandmother's house. Everything so fresh and home made. She spent her life in that kitchen.

Pat and Janet, my culinary mentors
But the folks who have had the most profound effect on my eating and cooking habits are my mom, Pat, and my aunt Janet. The two "Hill Sisters" have brought a love of gourmet food and a wealth of variety to my culinary experience. They have taught me the art of eating and cooking and living well.

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