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Jay Lessard Gallery
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Jeannette E. "Jay" Lessard
1950 - 2007

Jay by her campfire

How can I describe Jay Lessard?

Jay at Hampton Falls
Jay was the best friend a person could ever have. Loyal, caring and generous, she was always there for you. If you needed a friendly ear, she would listen. If you needed help she would give you anything you asked. And she herself never asked for anything in return.

Jay at Cascade Campground
Jay was fun to be around. Always laughing, ever cheerful. You always walked away with a smile. She loved her friends and loved the outdoors. No piece of firewood was safe around Jay because one of her favorite passions was to build a roaring campfire that would burn through the night and into the next morning. She had so much energy no one could keep up with her. And when she was on a mission, look out! You never knew where should would go or what she might do.

Jay at Seven Maples Campground
She was a woman of artistic vision. Patient, yet determined, she tackled each new project with a methodical will to dominate her canvas. Whether it be painting on a computer screen with tiny electronic brushes, building a majestic garden wall, erecting an enormous physical structure by moving massive piles of earth and stone, or carefully gluing together thousands of tiny matchsticks, Jay always surprised and delighted you with her creations.

Patty & Jay at Cascade Campground
To me she was so many things: outdoorsman, artist, philosopher, teacher, student, fellow traveler on life's winding road, and most of all, good friend.

- bob dinitto
Bitmap Paintings | Santa's Village | 2000 Christmas Season | 1999 Christmas Season
Read about Jay's bitmap paintings
Jay created these bitmap paintings one pixel at a time!
The Boardwalk
An Arcade At The Ocean
Cascade Flotilla
Jay's Friends At Cascade Beach
A Day At The Beach
Sailboats, Gulls and a Beach Umbrella
Computer Enhanced Autumn Scene
MacDonald's Farm
Old MacDonald Had A Farm
Ocean One
Blue Sky, Blue Water and Foreground Pine
Ocean Two
Palm Trees, Sun and Gulls
Desert Twilight - Devil's Tower, AZ
My favorite, Devil's Tower by Moonlight
View pictures of Jay's christmas village
Creating the village and holding a Yankee swap are Lessard family christmas traditions.
The Tree At Dusk
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Winter Wonderland
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Village Square
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The Skaters
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Deer In the Waterfall
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Radioactive Spruce
Go to Radioactive Spruce
Nuclear Fusion Spruce
Go to Nuclear Fusion Spruce
Icicle Spruce
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Blizzard Icicle Spruce
Go to Blizzard Icicle Spruce
Spotted Spruce
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Crystal Spruce
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English Manor at Twilight
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Magic Sleigh Ride
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Mystic Sleigh Ride
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Jazzy Sleigh Ride
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Train Station
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Go to Nativity
The Wise Bear Witness
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Neon Nativity
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Nativity Warp 2
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Jay's Lunch
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Patty's Christmas Tree
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Bob's New Camera
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Train Station
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Go to Lessardville
Evening Shadows
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At Dusk
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Park Square
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The Tree
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