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Café Ninzo Gallery
Bob's Photography
Bob's Photography
I'm an amature photographer.
I take 35 millimeter color prints using a Nikon automatic camera, and digital photos using a Kodak 3.1 Megapixel camera. My favorite shots are outdoor landscapes and unusual scenery, colors, shapes and patterns.

Here I've presented some of the photographs in my collection. Most of these were taken by me, except for the older pictures and most shots of yours truly.

Lamoine | Deer Isle | Family and Friends | Landscapes | Summer Camp | Bob Dinitto
View pictures of Lamoine, Maine USA
I spent the winter of 2003-2004 in Lamoine, Maine.
View pictures of Deer Isle, Maine USA
I discovered Deer Isle in March of 2003 and spent that summer there.
View pictures of Bob's family and friends
They can run but they can't hide! I've taken some shots of my family and friends.
View pictures of landscapes and scenery
I often take pictures of landscapes and scenery.
View pictures of summer camp in New Hampshire
Summer camp provides relaxation, a social outlet, and the chance to spend time outdoors.
View pictures of Bob Dinitto
Pictures of your humble Café Ninzo webmaster.
Jay Lessard Gallery
The Artwork of Jay Lessard
Visit Jay's gallery
Jay was one of my dearest friends. She passed away on October 17, 2007. During her full life she often impressed me with her artwork. In her memorial gallery at Café Ninzo I've presented a small sample of her many works.

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