Bearcode Decoder Toolbar
For Mozilla Firefox


Now Mozilla Firefox users can have Bearcode Decoder right at their fingertips with the new Bearcode Decoder Toolbar. It has all the features of Bearcode Decoder & Encoder, with the added convenience of a browser toolbar.

It makes even shorter work of those pesky Bearcodes!

Bearcode Decoder Toolbar screenshot:

Bearcode Decoder Toolbar screenshot

System Requirements:
Mozilla Firefox versions 1.5+, 2.x, 3.x

Install Bearcode Decoder Toolbar


If Firefox doesn't prompt you to immediately install the toolbar when you click on the link above save the bctoolbar.xpi file to a folder on your system. Then choose "File - Open File..." from the Firefox menu and select the bctoolbar.xpi file to begin the toolbar installation.

Adware/Malware Policy

No adware, no malware, no spam! It collects no information except what you type into the Bearcode text box - which are hopefully Bearcodes.

It's absolutely free!

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Natural Bears Classification System
This page is Copyright © 2007 by Bob Dinitto. It is a derivative work of the NBCS version 1.10, parts of which are reproduced here without permission. The Natural Bears Classification System (Bearcode) is Copyright © 1989-1999 by Bob Donahue and Jeff Stoner. No reproduction of this file in any medium is permitted without permission of the authors.
Privacy Policy
Bearcode Decoder/Encoder collects NBCS bearcodes but doesn't collect information linking a particular bearcode to any individual person or computer. So all I got on you, dude, is yer bearcode.