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About Bob Dinitto
NBCS Bearcodes are a shorthand for describing the characteristics of furry gay men. They're useful but sometimes difficult to understand.

So I've created a Bearcode Machine to make short work of those pesky Bearcodes. Decoder translates bearcodes into English. Encoder lets you create a bearcode by answering questions on a series of forms.

I provide these as a public service to the Bear community. Have fun and play safe!

hugs n' tugs, -Bob Dinitto

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Natural Bears Classification System
This page is Copyright © 2007 by Bob Dinitto. It is a derivative work of the NBCS version 1.10, parts of which are reproduced here without permission. The Natural Bears Classification System (Bearcode) is Copyright © 1989-1999 by Bob Donahue and Jeff Stoner. No reproduction of this file in any medium is permitted without permission of the authors.
Privacy Policy
Bearcode Decoder/Encoder collects NBCS bearcodes but doesn't collect information linking a particular bearcode to any individual person or computer. So all I got on you, dude, is yer bearcode.