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About Café Ninzo
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About Café Ninzo
Bob Dinitto
Picture of The Laconia Spa
The Laconia Spa
Café Ninzo is a labor of love!

I'm Bob Dinitto, your host at Cafe Ninzo.

I created this website in my spare time. It provides a place to channel my creative cyber-energies and also helps develop web site programming techniques.

Café Ninzo has
Privacy Policy

Café Ninzo collects no information about the identity of site visitors except for those who join the Cascade Campers email list. And Maldren Westcock, you know who you are.

Click the Privacy Policy link above for more detailed information.

Whose Fault Is It Anyway?

Gog, Bob's Evil Twin
Bob's Evil Twin
All content on Café Ninzo except for recipes and unless otherwise noted is Copyright © 1995 - 2008 by Bob Dinitto, All Rights Reserved.

Commentary on the Cascade Campers and Maldrin Westcock mailing lists are the opinion of the various email authors and does not necessarily represent the viewpoint of Bob Dinitto unless it is written by Bob Dinitto, in which case it does represent that, unless Bob is intoxicated in which case it represents the viewpoint of Bob's evil twin, Gog. Thanx fer visiting.

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