About Bob

About Bob

A Bostonian at heart, a software developer and cook by trade, a diehard liberal progressive by nature, I'm a resident of Manchester, New Hampshire.

I espouse secular humanism, embrace science, adore history, enjoy cooking, avoid television, love dogs, tolerate people, breathe politics, and disdain religion.

I'm a card-carrying homosexual who supports LGBTQ and opposes racism, sexism, ageism, xenophobia, homophobia and transphobia. I came out in 1980 and have never looked back. I believe in equal civil rights for all US citizens and non-citizens alike.

I'm a strong supporter of Bernie Sanders for president and a strong believer in Medicare-4-All as the only fair and viable alternative to our broken healthcare system. I believe the most important issues of our time are the climate crisis, the healthcare debacle, nuclear proliferation, and income inequality.

I don't believe in America first. I believe in humanity first and that we are all sisters and brothers. Why can't we act like it?

- Bob Dinitto