The blog is here!

Bob's Imagination Studio

It's been my pleasure over the past several years to have on Facebook a public forum for voicing my thought provoking ideas, opinions, sarcastic insults, and random musings. I've enjoyed the experience Facebook provides. It's been at once both fun and horrifying. Fun for the opportunity to meet new friends and become reacquainted with old ones, yet horrifying to be confronted by many people who aren't nice.

Social media is truly a double edge sword. It puts us in touch with more people than ever before while exposing us to the dangers of con artists, impostors, scammers, spammers, liars, and thieves. Sadly this situation has led to Facebook wrapping each and every user with a protective bubble of nanny-style censorship algorithms, imposing progressively tougher penalties for disturbing the algorithms' sensibilities.

I don't mean to be unkind. I understand the need to stop hate speech and the spread of disinformation. But the whims of a machine shouldn't be allowed to censor free speech. So I've decided to break out of the Facebook bubble by ressurecting my old web site, Cafe Ninzo, which had languished due to inattention. Renamed ninzoblog and given a fresh coat of paint with the help of Hexo, I hearby reclaim my little piece of turf on the world wide web.

Yes, links to the site may still be blocked from Facebook users, but they can't be blocked from the world. I must honor my ISP's terms of service but I'm free from the constraints of Mark Zuckerberg. I'll be commenting on current events, posting recipes and culinary guides, describing my current software efforts, sharing links to scientific and historical articles and videos, and occasionally rambling incoherently.

- Bob Dinitto